It’s exciting to see the Innovation Center being put to use!  When we put together physicians, policy experts, lawyers and safety experts in one room, working toward the common goal of creating litigation and mitigation products, amazing products are created!  For example:

  • Specialty-specific measurement tools
  • Easy to use dashboards which are “actionable”
  • Patient engagement surveys
  • Physician health screening tools
  • Focused education on how to enhance the patient experience


We have thousands of physicians already using and benefiting from these tools.  Over 2 million patient experience surveys have been received.  Best in class “patient engagement” tools have been shown to both mitigate professional liability claims and to position one for value based contracting.

Innovation in Litigation

It’s time to take a fresh look at how we defend medical professional liability claims.  After much research and vetting, we have seen results that fundamentally alter the preparation process.  These include:

  • Embedding physicians into the defense of claims
  • Proactively moving cases into an alternative litigation process
  • Merging QA and litigation management
  • A new scientific deposition preparation program
  • Technology in the courtroom programs

Litigation needs to be fresher.  We need new ideas when it comes to how to accelerate the process, how to deliver the message to our jurors and how to position issues for favorable appellate review.  We take this seriously.  It is a core part of our business.

For more information on the Innovation Center, contact James W. Saxton at

Dan E. Shapiro, Ph.D.

Dan E. Shapiro, Ph.D.

Senior Medical Consultant
Director of Physician Health

“Burnout appears to be rising among U.S. physicians with approximately 54% of physicians now reporting significant symptoms.  Notably, burned-out physicians make more mistakes, are less satisfied with their work, leave their jobs more often, and are less productive.  These problems are so significant that many have called for physician wellness to be the fourth aim of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim.”

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We are continuously studying the changes in the health care environment to assist physicians and others on the health care team reduce liability exposure, increase patient satisfaction and improve quality and safety performance.