Your success is our success. Whether it is reducing the potential of a claim, reducing the value of the claim or winning in court, we take your business very seriously. Our business is to understand your business and innovate to help you be successful. In litigation, we will not be out resourced and will partner with you and protect you.


Our values are our compass, both professionally and personally. We believe in what we are doing, and it is our passion. It is more than a job to all of us. We believe all professionals deserve our support, help and guidance in being successful and mitigating against claims and in an aggressive defense if a claim is asserted. Therefore, in keeping with these values:

  • We will provide you with consistent and pervasive Five-Star service.
  • We will use our measurement and performance improvement tools with you to mitigate against a potential claim.
  • We will support you, engage you and listen to you if there is a claim.
  • We will help you stay current on the issues that are transforming your industry through the use of extraordinary resources within our litigation and mitigation Innovation Center. 

Our team brings decades of experience dealing with a wide scope of issues involving healthcare litigation and mitigation, business and corporate, labor and employment, construction, trust and estates, and insurance. Contact us to see how we can help you.