It’s exciting to see the Innovation Center being put to use!  For example, in the medical professional liability area, when we put together physicians, policy experts, lawyers, and safety experts in one room, working toward the common goal of developing products to mitigate against medical professional liability claims, amazing products are created!  For example:

  • Specialty-specific measurement tools
  • Easy to use dashboards which are “actionable”
  • New “two-sided” patient engagement surveys
  • Physician health screening tools
  • Focused education on how to enhance the patient experience and patient engagement

We have thousands of physicians already using and benefiting from these tools.  Now, over 3 million patient experience surveys have been received.  Best in class “patient engagement” tools have been shown to both mitigate professional liability claims and to position one for value based contracting.

Innovation in Litigation – 2.0

Our first round of Innovation in Litigation has worked, so we are ready to unveil additional strategies.  In medical professional liability claims, we continue to:

  • Embed physicians into the defense of claims
  • Proactively move cases into an alternative litigation process
  • Merge QA and litigation management
  • Use scientific deposition preparation programs
  • Use enhanced technology in the courtroom programs
  • Incorporate new strategies for informed consent claims
  • Reduce high severity by focusing on patient engagement
  • Integrate new strategies for joint defense

We are beginning to better and more strategically focus on cases for appellate reviews.  We take this responsibility seriously and are enlarging our Appellate and Post Trial Advocacy Group to do so.

In addition, our Labor and Employment Group has implemented the Business Accelerator Platform designed to reduced employment-related risks and enhance economics.  The focus of the program is to engage in a proactive process to shield your business from the potentially catastrophic necessity of defending a lawsuit or an investigation by a government entity.  The program centers on making your business more successful by:

  • Increasing employee productivity
  • Boosting employee satisfaction and retention
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

To extend our employment services we developed Granite HR Consulting, a full-service human resources center. Granite HR specializes in providing HR consulting and executive coaching to organizations of all sizes and types. This is a service for organizations in need of complete human resources outsourcing or consulting on individual human resources-related projects.

For more information on the Innovation Center, contact James W. Saxton at

Darlene K. King, Esq.

Darlene K. King, Esq.

Chair, Risk Mitigation and Safety Practice

“As a litigator and a lawyer passionate about patient safety, it is a great opportunity to collaborate with doctors, nurses and others who are literally on the front line of healthcare reform.  The Innovation Center creates an opportunity to do this and to discuss these issues with others from around the country.  These healthcare professionals provide a unique resource and perspective as we evaluate and creatively decide how our collective thinking can benefit our clients.   As the landscape evolves, solutions don’t happen overnight but over time both the needs and fixes become a little clearer.”