Strategic Partner SE Healthcare Launches Physician Burnout Prevention Program with Dr. Dike Drummond

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Firm News, Media

CHARLESTON, S.C., August 13, 2019 — SE Healthcare, a Saxton & Stump strategic partner, has launched the most comprehensive enterprise-level physician burnout strategy on the market. The Physician Burnout Prevention Program, created in partnership with Dr. Dike Drummond, is a one-of-a-kind program designed to address the most pervasive and damaging issue in healthcare which impacts 40-60% of all practicing physicians at some level.

The Physician Burnout Prevention Program

The program is designed to identify the level of physician burnout and organizational stress. It provides immediate actionable insights and educational tools and resources to prevent and address burnout. It is comprised of an Assessment, Burnout Report and Enrichment Center. The Assessment measures physician responses relating to work environment, burnout, turnover, personal well-being, risk management and safety in order to evaluate factors that have the highest impact on risk and downstream consequences for an organization. The repercussions of physician burnout can manifest in hefty malpractice lawsuits, medical units that are three times more likely to experience medical errors and millions of dollars in losses from physician turnover.

“Preventing and addressing physician burnout is fundamental to providing quality care to patients and mitigating risk in an organization,” said Philip R. Schauer, MD, President of SE Healthcare and Professor of Surgery at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine. “Finally, there is a proven program on the market that provides organizations with a complete set of resources to help prevent and fight this epidemic.”

By pinpointing elements with the greatest impact on an organization, a Burnout Report is created to interpret data from the assessment to provide physicians and leadership with the resources needed to make targeted decisions.

The Enrichment Center is a comprehensive library of proprietary short educational videos, documents, audio recordings and other high-impact resources available exclusively to subscribers. It provides physicians with actionable guidance allowing organizations to address and prevent burnout. 

The resources within the Enrichment Center are intended to reveal burnout, help physicians build a work-life balance, address issues like EMR fatigue and cultivate meaningful connections with patients. The center provides tips and resources to leadership and physicians to help navigate daily challenges in the profession. Organizations are able to improve patient engagement and care, employ healthier and higher-performing physicians and decrease medical errors.

Dr. Dike Drummond

Dr. Drummond is a Mayo-trained family practice physician and world-renowned expert on the treatment and prevention of physician burnout. He has trained over 30,000 doctors on behalf of over 160 corporate clients and has created groundbreaking resources on the subject of physician health. He has logged an additional 2,100 hours on one-on-one physician coaching.

For more information about SE Healthcare’s revolutionary Physician Burnout Prevention Program, please click here.

SE Healthcare

The SE Healthcare team is continuously focused on developing new product offerings and enhancing existing solutions to empower healthcare providers through robust data analytics and actionable resources. SE Healthcare’s Physician Empowerment™ Suite gives healthcare providers the means to leverage key performance metrics that help them negotiate higher reimbursement, boost provider and practice reputation and improve operational performance.

Saxton & Stump

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