Saxton & Stump welcomes attorney Carrie Evans Wilson to co-chair Title IX Group, adds associate attorney Abigail Parnell

LANCASTER, Pa., March 2, 2023 — Saxton & Stump is proud to announce that it has hired attorney Carrie Evans Wilson as senior counsel to co-chair the firm’s Title IX Group. Wilson, who previously worked at Saxton & Stump for about six years, will return to take the leadership role in the Title IX Group along with co-chair the Hon. Lawrence F. Stengel (Ret.). Saxton & Stump has also hired Abigail L. Parnell as an associate attorney in the Title IX Group and the Education and Commercial Litigation groups.

“We’re very happy that Carrie has chosen to return to the firm,” Saxton & Stump CEO James W. Saxton said. “She and Abigail are just the latest attorneys we have added who are able to help our education clients effectively handle the increasingly wide range of legal issues in this sector. We’re confident that Carrie will play an important role serving our education, Title IX and investigations clients.”

In addition to Title IX, Wilson also will be join the firm’s Education and Investigations and Criminal Defense groups. A Lancaster native, Wilson has more than a decade of experience as a lawyer both inside and outside of courtrooms. She has conducted investigations for school districts, private schools, and college and universities on issues including fraud, sexual misconduct, harassment and discrimination. She earned her law degree at Cornell Law School and her magna cum laude undergraduate degree at Middlebury College.

Title IX is the federal regulation that prohibits sex-based discrimination and retaliation in education, and Saxton & Stump works to help education clients stay compliant with Title IX regulations and to investigate claims of Title IX abuse. The Saxton & Stump Title IX Group includes two former federal judges, Stengel and the Hon. Margaret B. Seymour (Ret.), who spent the early part of her career implementing the Title IX law at the federal level. The group also includes the Hon. Robert Graci (Ret.), a former Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge and retired Chief Counsel to the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania.

Parnell is the firm’s newest associate attorney in the Title IX Group, as well as the Education and Commercial Litigation groups. A former NCAA Division I track athlete, Parnell earned her law degree at Penn State University Law School and her undergraduate degree at Valparaiso University. 

Saxton & Stump’s strategic growth outlook

The firm was named one of the fastest growing law firms in Pennsylvania by The Legal Intelligencer in 2022. Overall, Saxton & Stump has grown to a team of more than 175 professionals, including 100 attorneys. Recently, the firm has added established groups dedicated to education, public finance, franchising licensing and distributioninvestigations and criminal defense and environmental, workplace safety and utilities.  

The firm continues to grow based on its strategic plan for 2023 and will continue to expand its current team of lawyers and professionals, focusing on bringing additional resources to support client needs. 

Saxton & Stump provides solutions for complex legal issues and partners with clients to create a roadmap for their success. The firm is committed to empowering clients by delivering five-star service and results-focused advice.