Snow is a Senior Counsel and Patent Attorney in the firm’s Intellectual Property Group. She represents clients in various intellectual property matters, including patent prosecution, litigation, and counseling. Snow advises clients in legal matters related to technology commercialization and transactions, including patent and trademark prosecution, data and privacy protection, IP strategy planning, domestic and cross-border technology licensing and acquisition, and investment due diligence support. Her clients include individual inventors, early-stage tech companies, university spinouts, international corporations, and investment firms.

As an IP attorney who worked across technology fields, her experience focuses on applying the law to complex technical issues. Her experience encompasses many technology areas, including AI assistant HTP drug screening and development, industrial chemical and new material development and testing, 3D printing with organic and inorganic materials, medical devices and diagnostic systems, healthcare data mining, wearable devices, EV battery and clean energy material and engineer systems, autonomous robotic design and perception systems, facial recognition and biometrics detection and data management, few-shot and low-shot machine learning system for object detection.

Before earning her law degree, Snow was a Ph.D. scientist in Biochemical Engineering from one of the top research institutes in China. She worked as a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School for seven years, focusing her research on hepatocyte and islet cell apoptosis in liver and pancreatic tissue regenerations and diabetes.

Snow has diverse experience as a university licensing and project manager, in-house IP counsel for a robotics company, tech startup founder, and inventor. She has drafted patent and trademark applications and office action responses for domestic and international applications. Snow understands the dynamics and complexity of IP matters in technology innovations and commercialization and can help you build a strong IP backbone for your business success.

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