Internal Investigations

The Saxton & Stump Internal Investigations team recognizes the internal and external sensitivities involved in conducting an “in-house” investigation. Our team brings the skill, expertise, and experience necessary to conduct a detailed, objective, and, when required, confidential investigation. Regardless of whether the investigation has been directed by an outside entity, sought by the Company’s Board of Directors, or requested by management, Saxton & Stump’s Internal Investigations team focuses on the requirements and parameters of every assignment and minimizing the potential disruption to your organization.

Our team is led by Former US District Court Chief Judge Lawrence F. Stengel, (Ret.), who brings with him 28 years of experience on both the State and Federal bench. Judge Stengel is joined by an experienced group of attorneys whose collective professional experience includes:

  • Internal corporate investigations/audits involving potential malfeasance
  • Title IX compliance and complaint investigations
  • Employment investigations involving issues related to unlawful harassment
  • Regulatory enforcement
  • Medicare Fraud and Abuse
  • HIPAA Investigations and Audits
  • Infectious Disease investigations and remediation programs
  • Medical Staff investigations
  • Business integrity, compliance, and ethics
  • Monitorships

At Saxton & Stump, we recognize that conducting an internal investigation involves a comprehensive evaluation of potential liability – understanding how to develop a factual record, what facts are relevant, identifying legal issues with which clients should be concerned, and directing the practical aspects of the investigation with minimal disruption to your business or organization mission.

Corporate and Institutions of Higher Learning

Saxton & Stump’s Internal Investigations team interacts regularly with governmental enforcement agencies, both in the corporate world as well as in higher education. Our team is adept at counseling clients before action is taken in an attempt to limit risk and negative repercussions. Our clients benefit from the industry-specific knowledge each team member brings to each unique situation as well as our track record of successfully managing complex and sensitive investigations related to employment, corporate criminal, and regulatory issues.

Our group possesses the capability of not only conducting the investigation, but also assembling and leading diverse individuals with specialized backgrounds to provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation. During the course of its practice, Saxton & Stump’s Internal Investigations team has worked with current and former law enforcement investigators and officials, current and former government officials, and nationally-recognized experts in their respective fields to:

  • Assemble and lead teams to conduct thorough investigations, in cooperation with government agencies, when appropriate
  • Develop a relevant and complete factual record
  • Identify and provide comprehensive management of all legal issues

Business Integrity, Compliance, and Ethics

In today’s global economy, organizations face an increasingly challenging environment in which legal and ethical standards are becoming more and more complex. As a result, organizations are wise to proactively audit their processes and procedures and implement five-star ethics and compliance programs as a shield against potential litigation. We help our clients preemptively assess their risks by providing detailed and thorough guidance to protect against any such occurrence.


Whether at the request of a Board of Directors as a result of a court order or a mandate from a regulatory agency, the Saxton & Stump team is equipped to effectively evaluate, oversee, and monitor an organization’s compliance with company and regulatory policies, procedures, laws, regulations, and ethics programs. Our team is focused on preserving or restoring a culture of integrity within your organization. We conduct thorough evaluations, which lead to the creation of strategic direction to guide organizations toward improving upon deficiencies; measuring compliance improvements; and preparing reports for courts, regulatory, and government agencies.

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