Paul Fischerkeller – Chief Business Development Officer, MPL Brokers

Phone: (941) 248-7230

Paul M. Fischerkeller

Chief Business Development Office, MPL Brokers

Paul M. Fischerkeller currently serves as Chief Business Development Office for MPL Brokers, a strategic partner of Saxton & Stump. He is also a consultant in Saxton & Stump’s Insurance Law group. Paul is a native of Pittsburgh and attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania under a partial athletic scholarship, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

After graduating from college, Paul launched a 30-plus-year career in the highly competitive and complex world of physician professional liability insurance. Paul has developed a rare understanding of the medical malpractice insurance industry as he worked on the corporate and the brokerage side, developing intense knowledge of the industry from all angles. As a senior executive, Paul has handled medical malpractice insurance sales, claims handling, analysis and investigation.


Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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