The Family Law Group at Saxton & Stump understands that every family situation is different, which means that each divorce, custody arrangement or child support action will be different. Family law is a distinctive practice, requiring a certain level of emotional support in addition to zealous advocacy. Family matters are very personal and can be sensitive. Our experienced family law team will create an individualized strategy that caters to each family’s individual personal needs in some of their most difficult hours. Some cases can be resolved through effective negotiation and fair settlement. Others include complex legal matters, substantial net-worth marital estates, or high-conflict custody issues. Saxton & Stump has the knowledge, experience and skills to handle them all.

We also routinely enlist the assistance of other professionals such as therapists, coparenting experts, forensic accountants, psychological evaluators, business valuators, IT experts and more to ensure every single need is met with the highest level of understanding available.

Our approach at Saxton & Stump is different and we take pride in providing each client with the expertise needed to deliver the best possible strategy and outcome for their unique situation.

We provide a broad range of legal services based on our client’s needs and issues, including:

  • Litigation, mediation and arbitration of family law matters
  • Divorce and high-net-worth divorce, including adultery, substance abuse or domestic violence claims
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Third-party custody and visitation rights
  • Termination of parental rights and adoption
  • Modification of custody and support orders
  • Contempt and enforcement of orders
  • Child support
  • Alimony, including permanent, rehabilitative and limited duration
  • Property division and equitable distribution of marital property and division of assets

Access to a full service team

Saxton & Stump is a multi-disciplinary law firm, which allows our family law clients access to leverage attorneys and consultants who are well-versed in their respective focus areas:

Trusts and Estates

Changes to the family can affect wills, power of attorney, business partnerships and other legal bonds. Our Trusts and Estates Group will work with clients and their families, business owners, and professional advisors to develop or alter customized estate plans to ensure a smooth and optimal transition of assets to future generations.

Appellate and Post-Trial Advocacy

We have handled appeals in state and federal appellate courts and are thorough and effective in our written and oral presentation of issues. Our extensive experience with the post-trial process allows us to strategically preserve where necessary and present the issues on appeal that will give you the best chance at prevailing in a court battle.


Our trial attorneys are successful problem-solvers backed by decades of significant courtroom experience as former judges, prosecutors, high-profile trial lawyers and investigators. With more than 65 litigators with dedicated experience in major industries, our trial team aggressively defends or pursues the interests of families.