Our team of professionals in Saxton & Stump’s Food and Beverage Group have experience representing clients throughout the supply chain, including agribusiness, food processing, packaging, canning, bottling, refrigeration, transportation and distribution, and retail food and beverage services. Our lawyers have represented food and beverage clients with unique challenges in everything from fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms to meats, poultry, eggs, and dairy, and from soups, sauces, supplements, yeast, baking, and snack foods, to beer, liquor, and bottled water.

Members of Saxton & Stump’s Food and Beverage Group are prepared to serve your needs across multiple integrated disciplines, including:

  • Drafting and negotiating contracts and agreements, including supply, distribution, purchasing, pricing, service, private label, and exclusive agreements.
  • Handling all aspects of state and federal environmental, health, and safety (EHS) regulations, including permitting and compliance for air, water, waste, wastewater, chemicals, and refrigeration, defense of enforcement actions, and EHS auditing.
  • Labor and employment advice and conflicts, including wage and hour disputes and class action lawsuits.
  • Managing and responding to workplace and trucking emergencies, agency investigations, information requests, inspections, and subpoenas.
  • Trucking-related transactions, regulatory compliance, labor and employment, and litigation.
  • Managing mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and facility expansions, construction, and permitting, including real estate, local land use, and environmental.
  • Developing workplace-specific programs and policies across multiple disciplines.
  • Protecting branding and intellectual property through trademark compliance, registration, licensing, enforcement, and litigation.
  • Litigating all types of commercial disputes and defense against agency enforcement with issue-specific litigation teams.
  • Providing strategies and advocacy to shape legislative and regulatory processes.
  • Providing licensing and compliance advice to retail food and beverage clients, including restaurants, breweries, and convenience stores.
  • Starting and building franchises in compliance with franchisor requirements.
  • Starting and building dealer/distributor relationships in accordance with applicable dealer requirements.
  • Advising and training on antitrust and competition law issues, including implementing pricing policies (minimum advertised price and Colgate policies), participating in trade associations, and complying with governing antitrust/competition states (e.g. the Sherman Act, the Robinson-Patman Act).
  • Advising clients regarding quality issues and complaints, including California Proposition 65 compliance and defending and resolving disputes with third-party private enforcers.
  • Advising shippers and motor carriers on the requirements under the Food Safety Modernization Act for the use of sanitary practices during the transportation of food.