The colossal growth of both in-person and online gambling across the country has caused the industry to explode with no end in sight. As states continue to legalize distinct forms of gambling and further legitimize the industry, scores of businesses have jumped into the waters of gambling and gaming, creating the need for legal guidance through the complicated laws and regulations surrounding the industry. What further complicates matters is the differentiation between the regulations from one state to a neighboring state.

The gambling and gaming industry is still in its infancy and heavy growth period, which will lead to additional law changes as state and federal governments learn through trial and error about how to regulate the industry. Saxton & Stump’s gaming attorneys are constantly educating themselves on the changing laws and how they will affect the industry’s stakeholders in both the present and the future.

The group’s gaming attorneys work with companies serving the gambling and gaming industries, along with third-party vendors and employers in the industries in areas such as:

Intellectual Property

Our IP attorneys work to protect innovations and the programs supporting those innovations, including slots games, security advances, app modernizations, lottery gaming, sweepstakes games and more.

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Labor and Employment

Casinos are quickly becoming one of the largest employers in Pennsylvania, supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs, and millions across the country. The gambling and gaming industry is not immune to the same issues that other employers face, and the attorneys of Saxton & Stump’s Labor and Employment team are equipped to handle all federal and state employment law compliance issues in both advice and counseling as well as litigation.

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Investigations and Criminal Defense

The gambling and gaming industry is perhaps one of the most highly regulated industries placing casinos and other participants under constant government scrutiny. Our attorneys have practiced before a multitude of regulatory agencies, including but not limited to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and similar state governing bodies, the Internal Revenue Service, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the United States Department of the Treasury. The attorneys have also conducted highly sensitive internal investigations for companies and worked with casinos on compliance and regulatory issues.

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Tax and Tax Controversy

States have embraced the legalization of gambling primarily due to the significant tax revenue it generates. Annually, states rake in billions of dollars in tax revenue from casinos, leading to the emergence of intricate and challenging tax concerns for these establishments. Our adept legal team has provided invaluable assistance to businesses in navigating routine tax matters such as those related to employment, sales and use, and income taxes, as well as tackling specialized challenges in tax audits, investigations, and appeals.

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