With the face of secondary education changing every year, those schools look to the attorneys of Saxton & Stump’s Higher Education Group to guide them through the challenges that present themselves daily. Whether that requires an internal Title IX investigation, a search for a location to build a growing school’s new dormitory or compliance with federal labor laws, the attorneys of the firm’s Higher Education Group help schools with all their legal needs to allow them to reshape how they deliver education to the future leaders of America.

Our firm represents colleges, universities, community colleges, trade schools and all secondary schools to help them deliver on their goals of educating our young adults, strengthening their region’s workforce and enhancing their communities. The Higher Education group works with school leadership in the development of financial, growth and compliance strategies while always keeping student education at the forefront of any plan.

Access to a full-service team

Saxton & Stump’s Title IX attorneys have extensive experience working with schools in complying with and enforcing their Title IX obligations. The group works with schools to perform proactive policy reviews and audits, and to conduct internal investigations when Title IX charges are levied against a school.

Our experienced Education Group has worked with school districts, career and technology centers and other public school entities on general counsel work, construction projects, public funding and more.

Colleges always have an eye on the future and a plan to expand their facilities to augment their educational offerings and help them compete against other schools that continue to expand. Our Real Estate Group helps schools develop a plan to acquire, lease or rent both land and existing buildings. The firm’s Construction Group then works with a school to create a plan to build or renovate a potential school building to be compliant with federal, state and local planning, zoning and environmental laws and regulations.