Intellectual property disputes can be challenging and time-consuming. Our attorneys support you every step of the way. We work to understand your unique business and financial goals to discern how to best handle your case and bring it to a timely, favorable and economical conclusion.

Our Intellectual Property Litigation Group is comprised of seasoned professionals with the necessary experience and education to understand highly technical cases. With knowledge across a breadth of disciplines, we are prepared and well-equipped to effectively serve clients across virtually any industry. We have handled scores of cases involving the enforcement of copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, patents, trade secrets and non-compete agreements. We have handled intellectual property cases in courts across the country including district courts, federal appellate courts, state courts and agency tribunals.

Our team also includes a number with backgrounds in technical fields such as chemical, materials science, biochemical, electro-mechanical and mechanical engineering. This allows us to understand the technicalities of our clients’ cases and ensure that we gain comprehensive protection of our clients’ intellectual property assets.

We are well-equipped to handle cases that are complex and document intensive. Our team’s depth of experience allows us to simplify and clearly communicate your matter to judges, juries, mediators and arbitrators.

Pretrial Strategy

From the start, we use our technical and legal experience to determine the best course of action to secure favorable results economically. To understand your case, we formulate appropriate and thorough litigation strategies through witness selection and preparation, oral arguments, depositions, document production and drafting of legal memoranda and motions to find and execute a decisive argument.

We have the capabilities to examine millions of documents through electronic discovery. We work with forensic investigators and former FBI analysts to convert electronically stored information into a format that is usable and effective in litigation through metadata analysis and forensic examination and restoration. The success of high-volume eDiscovery starts early and requires foresight and strategic planning to streamline review and production of what could be an unmanageable quantity of documents. Our attorneys develop an eDiscovery plan which includes management of documents, negotiation of terms and parameters, execution of examining documents, evaluation for privilege, and determination of methods to effectively leverage this information in court. Our capability in handling eDiscovery is extremely useful in intellectual property and complex litigation matters.

While we are always prepared to go to trial, we pursue pre-trial options through creative settlement options and alternative dispute resolutions when appropriate. We have a team of trial attorneys who are comfortable in the courtroom and experienced in trying issues before judges and juries. No matter the method used to resolve your matter, we are cognizant and considerate of your business and financial goals and look for cost-effective and case-effective solutions.


Going to trial can be a distressing event. Our team utilizes settlements when appropriate to secure favorable outcomes in a more cost-efficient and time-effective manner. Based on our experience, we can craft settlement agreements that meet your business and financial goals.

Technology Team

By partnering with our firm, you also have access to highly experienced trial technology professionals who possess over four decades of combined national and international experience and have worked on well over 500 trials across the country. Our trial technology professionals help determine the best way to prepare and display critical evidence and exhibits through trial technology. Our use of trial technology allows our attorneys to distill complex issues to facilitate the understanding of the judge and jury.

Intellectual Property Litigation Experience

District Court Litigation

Patent and Trademark Office Appellate and Post-Grant Proceedings