While interest in paratransit gains popularity, many see the government regulation involved in obtaining a paratransit license from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Paratransit transportation is when a driver transports an individual who may be unable to drive themselves and makes a reservation to be taken from one place to another place often for a non-emergency medical appointment. State law requires that drivers act safely and have the necessary finances and insurance to protect their passengers. Our attorneys, led by a former executive director of the PUC, are experienced in paratransit licensing and can assist you in obtaining the necessary certifications. They understand the rules and regulations governing this area of the law.

In terms of getting your business started, our attorneys help clients gather the information needed, file the application, understand the expectations of the law and assist in providing information to the Commission on a timely basis. We also assist with obtaining certificates of public convenience in matters including:

  • Paratransit Carrier (Non-emergency filing applications)
  • Household Goods in Use Carrier/Mover/Moving Company
  • Property Carrier/Trucking Company
  • Appeals
  • Post-certificate compliance