Saxton & Stump Attorneys Receive Defense Verdict for Hospital and Neurologist in an Alleged Failure to Timely Administer TPA for a Stroke

We obtained a defense verdict for a hospital and neurologist, who was the director of the hospital’s stroke program, where plaintiffs alleged that the neurologist failed to appropriately diagnose and treat a patient who presented to the emergency room with stroke-like symptoms. Plaintiff admitted at trial that the hospital had proper policies and procedures in place for its certified stroke program. Furthermore, the defense proved that the neurologist performed a prompt and appropriate assessment and diagnosis of the patient where he obtained a history of two-day onset of symptoms which made tPA a contraindication, and potentially avoiding causing great harm to the patient. Our experienced stroke neurology expert explained that a trained stroke neurologist is the best provider to take a history of symptoms for a stroke and best qualified to make the decision of whether to administer TPA – a potentially lethal medication. After approximately 2 hours of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict in favor or our stroke neurologist finding no negligence.