Saxton & Stump Attorneys Receive Defense Verdict Via Binding Arbitration in a Case Filed Against a Vascular Surgeon

We received a defense verdict via binding arbitration in a case filed against a vascular surgeon involving the alleged negligent placement of a stent in a female patient’s stenosed right subclavian vein without first ruling out external compression from recurrent venous thoracic outlet syndrome as the cause of the stenosis.  The defendant vascular surgeon and our expert explained that there were no reasons to suspect external compression where the patient provided a detailed history of surgical decompression through first rib resection more than 15 years prior, she was symptom free for more than 12 years, and an ultrasound with provocative maneuvers was negative for external compression and instead identified scar tissue within the vein explaining stenosis.  The arbitrator concluded that the defendant met the standard of care and reasonably placed a stent without further evaluation for recurrent venous thoracic outlet syndrome.