Saxton & Stump attorneys win reduced jury award for trucking company accused of negligence

Three Saxton & Stump Trucking and Commercial Transportation Group attorneys worked to reduce a plaintiff’s original ask in a winter accident from $1.42 million to a $37,000 jury award – a reduction of more than 97% – after a Pike County, Pa., jury trial. The client had been hired to move the plaintiff from Pennsylvania to California. After the truck had been loaded, defendant trucker decided to wait out a worsening freezing rainstorm. When he was moving the truck, the plaintiff, unbeknownst to the driver, had moved to the passenger side of the truck, and his leg was run over by the truck. The plaintiff claimed it cause the amputation of his leg despite previous medical issues with his leg. Despite the plaintiff demand of $1.42 million, due to the work of Saxton & Stump attorneys Douglas B. Marcello, Alyssa A. Adams and Tiffany M. Peters, the final verdict awarded the plaintiff just $37,000.