Saxton & Stump Litigators Secure a Defense Verdict for Three Gastroenterologists in a Wrongful Death and Survival Action Involving Bowel Infarction

Our litigators represented three gastroenterologists during a 5-day trial involving the death of a patient from bowel infarction.  Plaintiff claimed that the bowel infarction was caused by the gastroenterologists’ collective failure to diagnose embolic mesenteric ischemia during and after the patient’s hospitalization.  Through the unique medical insight that the Saxton & Stump team established that the bowel infarction was not caused by embolic mesenteric ischemia – rather, it was caused by a low flow state resulting from an undiagnosed fatal heart attack.  Demonstrating that the gastroenterology case brought by Plaintiff was truly a cardiac case, the jury returned a complete defense verdict in less than 40 minutes.