Jack R. Lynch brings more than 10 years of experience in trial technology, pre-trial and trial consulting, war room and case team logistics as well as e-discovery. As Senior Trial Technology Consultant, he assists Saxton & Stump’s Healthcare Litigation and Mitigation and Commercial Litigation attorneys in the courtroom and in the trial war room by developing and executing innovative strategies to carry the impact of attorneys’ and witnesses’ words using visual and audio aids, turning complex concepts into easily understood illustrations.

Jack combines his expertise in audio engineering, video production, video conferencing and graphic design with his knowledge in trial and case management software, specifically Trial Director and Oncue. He regularly supports remote testimonies, video recordings and photos, creates graphics, animations and documents and provides daily case reports as well as on-demand, real-time access to critical evidence.

Prior to joining Saxton & Stump, Jack was a Senior Trial Consultant for Precise, Inc. Throughout his career, Jack has consulted with both plaintiff and defense lawyers in hundreds of complex litigation matters, jury trials and arbitrations, nationally and internationally, including:

  • Representing a hospital which is a named defendant in a large class-action lawsuit involving corporate negligence, medical device products liability and wrongful death claims. Jack supported the attorney team conducting the investigation of a newly recognized infectious phenomena, nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) and a heater-cooler device on a heart-lung machine carrying the infection. This required a tremendous amount of e-discovery and that we conduct depositions throughout North America and Europe. This case is open and ongoing.
  • Crashworthiness and products liability matter where plaintiff suffered a cervical spine injury causing quadriplegia when he hit his head on the ceiling of his motor vehicle when it flipped over. The jury found that the automaker had not properly addressed malfunctions in the seatbelt retention system during the vehicle’s production. Jack worked on the plaintiff team for the case, which achieved a $55M verdict.
  • Wrongful death, catastrophic injury and construction law matter where six individuals died and another was permanently disabled after a neighboring wall of a building undergoing demotion collapsed onto their store. Jack worked on the defense team for the case, which reached a settlement in 2016.
  • Products liability, failure to warn matter involving an ATV tip over accident where plaintiff sought damages for spine injury, arguing that the manufacturer did not provide warning signs on vehicle regarding tip-over on inclines. Jack worked on the defense team for the case, which achieved a defense verdict in 2015.
  • Civil matter involving kidnapping and human trafficking where mentally disabled individuals were locked in a basement for 10 years while their kidnappers pocketed their government assistance checks. Jack worked on the plaintiff team for the case, which reached a $45M verdict by jury trial in 2014.
  • Wrongful death, products liability and maritime law matter involving the death of two passengers on a commercial tourist vessel. Saxton & Stump’s Senior Trial Technology Consultant worked on the defense team for the case, which reached a settlement in 2012
  • Corporate arbitration for a contract dispute involving a Japanese dump truck manufacturer who sought monetary damages from a European tire company which manufactured and sold a specific type of large tires which had failed under regular use. Jack worked on the plaintiff team and the arbitration lasted two weeks in Manhattan, NY.
  • Corporate arbitration for a construction schedule delay claim where a large energy company sought damages from a company that had been contracted to fabricate a multimillion-dollar gasification unit and was behind schedule, resulting in a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the project. Jack worked on the defense team and the arbitration lasted more than four weeks in Alberta, CA.

When he’s not prepping for or in trial, Jack provides video marketing support for Saxton & Stump and for the firm’s strategic partners including SE Healthcare. He earned his B.S. in Media Communication and Technology from East Stroudsburg University. While studying, he served as president of the Television Club, a campus camera operator and freelance videographer.