Saxton & Stump has created separate entities and strategically partnered with companies that offer complementary solutions to further enhance our ability to help our clients succeed and thrive in today’s increasingly complex world.

Palq IP Logo

Palq IP is an IP and business consulting firm that helps small and mid-sized companies, entrepreneurs, inventors and creators access strategic business and IP consulting services. They work with clients to protect, develop and monetize their IP, making sophisticated IP strategies more accessible through tailored equity, fee, licensing or royalty arrangements. The approach also allows clients to access business consulting services focused on strategic direction and growth.


TREW is a dynamic human resources (HR) consulting firm that provides comprehensive and strategic support to small- and medium-sized businesses. Its team of certified HR professionals, seasoned business consultants, and experienced executive coaches, partner with its clients to provide a custom-tailored, people-centered, forward-thinking approach towards growth and meeting their HR needs and goals.

Granite Governance Risk and Compliance Logo

Granite GRC Consulting assists companies, their investors and advisors to identify, understand, mitigate and manage their legal, compliance and information security risks. Protecting and enhancing value, their team provides services from inception to sale, including M&A due diligence, tailored compliance and privacy advice, policies and programs, and cyber security assessments and solutions.

Optimal Dispute Resolutions Logo

Optimal Dispute Resolutions’ team of ADR professionals has decades of experience mediating and arbitrating disputes, thereby helping parties arrive at optimal resolutions for all involved. We provide attorneys, their clients, business owners, and risk professionals with access to mediators and arbitrators with expertise in the areas in question to help all parties more easily arrive at an amicable resolution.

Granite Settlement Company Logo

Granite Settlement is a full-service real estate settlement company specializing in both residential and commercial real estate transaction closings. The skilled team is committed to providing the highest level of customer support and expertise throughout your transaction. Our team of attorneys, real estate and business professionals will help guide you through your transaction to ensure things run smoothly, allowing you to enjoy the experience of settling on your new property or allowing you to focus on critical business and operational tasks for your company.

SE Healthcare Logo

SE Healthcare empowers physicians through powerful data analytics tools that help make healthcare better for patients and help providers and organizations improve quality, safety, and financial health. The SE Healthcare team has been at the forefront of improving safety and quality in healthcare for over 10 years. From the smallest practices to the largest health care systems, our proven tools and strategies help healthcare organizations mitigate risk, improve reputation, and build the foundation to enhance reimbursement negotiations.

MPL Brokers provides malpractice insurance solutions to healthcare providers by working with risk retention groups and insurance providers to find policies that align with the client’s unique needs in terms of coverage and rates. MPL Brokers also provides risk mitigation resources and tools to healthcare providers to support their risk reduction strategies.