A resignation and new regulations at the PA Funeral Board

The Pennsylvania State Board of Funeral Directors announced a resignation and new regulatory proposals at its June 26 meeting. 

Professional member Milian E. Rodriguez, of Rodriguez Funeral Home in Philadelphia, resigned from the Board.  Current member Gregory Furlong of Furlong Funeral Home in Summerville, was elected vice-chairperson to fill the position left vacant by Rodriguez’s departure.  Public Board member Eric Ruggeri was elected secretary. 

The Board considered a consent agreement to resolve disciplinary charges against a funeral director, who allegedly failed to provide death certificates to a family for over a year and only did so after charges were filed.  The agreement would have imposed a reprimand and a $4,000 fine, but was rejected by the Board as too lenient.  Because the agreement was rejected, the identity of the licensee was not revealed, and the charges remain pending. 

The Board also announced plans to consider its General Revisions package of regulations.  These proposals address a range of issues – from licensing of LLCs and supervisors to funeral home names and the amount of time a body may be held before obtaining special permission from the Board.   

An exposure draft of the regulations has been distributed to Board members and stakeholders.  The Board plans to begin discussing these changes at its October 30, 2024 meeting. 

If you have any questions about these proposed regulations or the Funeral Board, please contact me at any time.