Attorney Kathleen Duffy Bruder designated Vice-Chair of Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Civil Procedural Rules Committee

HARRISBURG, Pa., December 3, 2021Kathleen Duffy Bruder, Esq. has been designated Vice-Chair of a key rulemaking committee for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Bruder is in her second term on the committee, which is appointed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The committee assists the Supreme Court in the preparation, revision, publication and administration of the rules of civil procedure. The members are appointed by the Supreme Court and are knowledgeable about the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure as well as civil practice in the Commonwealth. There are 14 members, including one ex officio member and one member emeritus.

Bruder has been deeply engaged with government at all levels for decades. She has served as a labor attorney, litigator in state and federal courts, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Gov. Tom Corbett, cabinet member in former Mayor Stephen R. Reed’s administration, and appointee to various state boards, commissions and authorities. Bruder is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey as well as a registered lobbyist serving clients in many states. Currently, Bruder is the chair of Saxton & Stump’s Government and Regulatory Affairs team. In her practice, she helps clients navigate the complex web of government through her knowledge and collaborative relationships that she has fostered over her years of living and working in Harrisburg.

As a member and now vice-chair of the committee, Bruder helps Chairman and Judge Christine Ward lead the committee in their work to provide rules that allow for an expeditious and understandable functioning of the court system from stylistic rulemaking standards to the intricacies of how cases should proceed.

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