“Cool the °Fs Down” becomes law and a new board member is confirmed 

Pennsylvania has lowered the temperature on cremation – literally.

A bill, described by its primary sponsor Rep. Steve Malagari as the Cool the °Fs Down – Support Our Local Crematories Act, was signed into law on June 17.

The act prohibits the state’s Department of Environmental Protection from requiring in a general permit that a crematory operate at greater than 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Currently, DEP requires a minimum temperature of 1800 degrees. The legislation had passed the Senate and House unanimously.

Proponents of the measure noted a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study showed less emissions at a lower temperature, and that constantly operating at a higher temperature wreaked havoc on crematory equipment and caused higher fuel consumption. 

The law will take effect on August 16. While the act explicitly applies only to general permits, the DEP is expected to apply the same temperature standard to state-only operating permits.

On June 5, the Senate also confirmed Christopher Feryo to the State Board of Funeral Directors.  Feryo is the owner of Founds-Feryo Cremation and Burial Services, LLC in West Chester. 

If you have any questions about crematory permitting or the funeral board, please contact me at any time.