Saxton & Stump opens new Tax and Tax Controversy Group

LANCASTER, Pa., January 11, 2024 Saxton & Stump is pleased to announce it has formed a new practice group focused on solving the everyday and complex tax issues of businesses and nonprofits. The Tax and Tax Controversy Group is dedicated to helping businesses and tax-exempt organizations with their intricate tax matters whether they are forming, growing, reorganizing, or preparing for a tax audit or litigation.

The group can help clients with tax issues that arise during important times in a business’s lifespan, such as business succession, real estate structuring and planning, and mergers and acquisitions, as well as tax audits, investigations, and appeals.

“Our firm is very in tune to our clients and their needs, and this was an area that will only complement our services,” Saxton & Stump CEO James W. Saxton said. “Our clients rely on us to understand and handle complex tax issues now more than ever in a rapidly changing tax environment.”  

Tax controversy focuses on high-level, high-risk tax issues that have the potential to severely impede the business – or even bankrupt it. It could include anything from a sensitive civil tax audit to a high-profile tax investigation from state or federal authorities. The attorneys of the group have successfully challenged the IRS, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue and other state agencies, and litigated cases in federal district courts, tax court, federal court of claims and various appellate courts.

Pauline Markey, the chair of the new group, said state and federal government entities are adding to their investigative teams and increasing enforcement of tax laws, leaving businesses vulnerable to alarming investigations.

“Businesses that were never on the government’s radar could now be subject to investigation,” Markey said. “Tax regulations for businesses of all sizes are continuously changing, making it extremely difficult for a business to comply with the tax laws. Our tax attorneys are familiar with the newest laws and have extensive experience in challenging the government in investigations of all kinds.”  

Saxton & Stump’s strategic growth outlook

The firm was named one of the fastest growing law firms in Pennsylvania by The Legal Intelligencer in 2022. Overall, Saxton & Stump has grown to a team of more than 200 professionals, including more than 110 attorneys. Recently, the firm has added established groups dedicated to education, public financefranchising licensing and distributioninvestigations and criminal defense and environmental, workplace safety and utilities.  

The firm continues to grow based on its strategic plan for 2024 and will continue to expand its current team of lawyers and professionals, focusing on bringing additional resources to support client needs. 

Saxton & Stump provides solutions for complex legal issues and partners with clients to create a roadmap for their success. The firm is committed to empowering clients by delivering five-star service and results-focused advice.