Andrew L. Oltmans, Esq., Chair of the Intellectual Property Law Group, is a patent attorney who focuses on patent strategy, the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, patent appeals and post-issuance procedures, particularly in the chemicals and materials area. A registered patent attorney, his experience includes patent applications related to engineered materials, including alloys, composites, polymers, gas turbine systems, coating technologies, HVAC systems, refrigerants, cosmetics and specialty chemicals.

Prior to joining Saxton & Stump, Andrew served as a patent attorney for over 16 years at the Harrisburg-based McNees Wallace & Nurick. For nearly six years, he served as a Patent Examiner and later as Primary Examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office, where he reviewed chemical patent applications, including applications relating to metallurgy and coatings, including superalloy compositions, high-temperature coatings and conversion coating technologies.

Andrew was a developmental and analytical chemist for Johnson Matthey for four years, where he worked in an analytical wet lab and in the development/manufacturing of fuel cell catalysts on carbon and alumina. In addition, Andrew has experience as a chemical engineer in petrochemical refining operations, including wastewater treatment, and research and development related to hydrated silica for use in dentifrice applications.


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