Saxton & Stump’s Information Privacy and Cyber Security team provides clients with timely and practical advice to help them protect their data, enhance operations and preserve value. Our experienced attorneys and consulting professionals provide representation, advice and support for all types of businesses across all industries. The Data Privacy and Cyber Security team is committed to developing proactive strategies that help minimize our clients’ risk and navigate the process of recovering from a data breach.

Data Privacy And Cyber Security

Our team regularly provides advice and support to clients and their attorneys on data privacy and cyber security matters such as: 

  • Policies for collecting, handling and protecting sensitive data
  • Data privacy and cyber security audits
  • Security breach preparedness and response
  • Data thefts 
  • Crisis management and media relations

Litigation And Investigations

  • Privacy-related claims and disputes
  • Class-action litigation defense
  • Hold/destruction of evidence issues
  • E-discovery and data mining
  • Hotline reports, investigations and forensic analysis