Saxton & Stump continues IP growth with hire of Jason Somma

LANCASTER, Pa., January 23, 2023 After unprecedented growth in 2022, Saxton & Stump  started 2023 by further expanding its Intellectual Property Group by adding experienced IP attorney Jason Somma. Somma’s hiring is the latest strategic addition to what has become one of the largest IP attorney groups in central Pennsylvania. In addition to his work as a shareholder in the Saxton & Stump Intellectual Property Group, Somma is now also part of Saxton & Stump strategic partner Palq IP, an intellectual property-focused consulting firm that helps businesses and creators grow their business through IP and business management strategies. Somma started on January 17, 2023.

“We continue to support businesses throughout our footprint by adding attorneys, professionals and infrastructure that benefit all of our clients. IP is a critical area and we now have one of the largest IP legal teams in the region dedicated to helping our clients protect IP and drive businesses growth,” Saxton & Stump CEO James W. Saxton said. “Adding Jason to the team is just the latest in 12 months of adding well-known and highly reputable IP attorneys like M. Kelly Tillery, John Goldschmidt Jr. Andrew Mead, Tom Kent and Amanda Dempsey… the list goes on and we’re excited to see what we can do for our clients in this area.”

For the last 15 years, Jason has worked with clients both as a patent attorney and a consultant with backgrounds in IP, business, engineering and finance. He has helped clients create strategies to develop enterprise value through intellectual property, product development and corporate transactions. Since 2015, he’s worked in private practice as an attorney and consultant in new product development with corporate innovation and venture capital groups. He helps new product developers in the commercial business world and assisted venture capital and private equity investors in evaluating new investments, as well as counseling academic researchers on commercialization and spinning out startups. .

“The combination of Palq and Saxton & Stump will allow me to continue and expand my services to clients, marrying legal services with business, product, and finance strategy consulting that have become core to my practice in helping technology companies achieve their objectives. Particularly, I am excited to grow Palq into what it can become,” Somma said.

A registered attorney with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Jason’s educational background underlies his combined practice. He received both his law degree and his undergraduate degrees from the University in Pittsburgh, including an undergraduate degree in engineering physics. He also holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business.

“Adding Jason is another important step in strengthening our complete IP service team at Saxton & Stump and Palq IP,” said Andrew Oltmans, the chair of the firm’s Intellectual Property Group and the managing director of Palq IP. “The work he’s done in his career is a great fit for our future vision.”

The attorneys in the Saxton & Stump Intellectual Property Group have a diverse set of experiences working with IP matters in a variety of industries and businesses. The group also works closely with in-house counsel for multinational firms to execute specific strategies or handle the overall IP strategy and IP portfolio for growing start-ups, franchises, inventors and small to mid-sized businesses.

Saxton & Stump’s strategic growth outlook

The firm was named the fastest growing law firm in Pennsylvania by The Legal Intelligencer, having added 53 professionals in 2021, including 22 attorneys. Overall, Saxton & Stump has grown to a team of more than 180 professionals, including 98 attorneys. The firm has added new services and established groups dedicated to franchising licensing and distribution, investigations and criminal defense and environmental, workplace safety and utilities. In addition to bolstering their infrastructure, it has also grown key existing practice areas such as healthcare, senior care, real estate, government affairs and trusts and estates.

The firm continues to grow based on their strategic plan for 2022 and will continue to expand its current team of lawyers and professionals, focusing on bringing additional resources to support client needs. Saxton & Stump provides solutions for complex legal issues and partners with clients to create a roadmap for their success. The firm is committed to empowering clients by delivering five-star service and